Camp Cope A Lot 12 Session Interactive Software

We are pleased to announce the release of our state of the art, interactive, 12-session treatment program:

Camp Cope-A-Lot: The Coping Cat CD

Our 12-session interactive computer-assisted treatment for anxious youth.


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  Camp Cope-A-Lot: The Coping Cat CD Rom*

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Philip C. Kendall, Ph.D., ABPP & Muniya Khanna, Ph.D.

Temple University & University of Pennsylvania


ccalCamp Cope-A-Lot* is a 12-session interactive CD-ROM-assisted treatment for use with children suffering from anxiety. The computer program provides cognitive behavioral therapy (based on the Coping  Cat treatment) for 7 to 13 year old anxious youth.  Child users advance on their own and at their own pace through the first 6 sessions, and through the last 6 sessions with therapist (coach) guidance.  Users complete fun and engaging interactivities that communicate skills for managing anxiety. Along with other campers at Camp Cope-A-Lot, the child goes to an amusement park, puts on a talent show, meets someone new, speaks in public, sleeps in the dark, and experiences other adventures. 


Ideal for use in multiple settings, including schools, community, private, hospital or training clinics, etc. Advantages include:


Sample Activities:


Identifying Physiological Symptoms of Anxiety                                Practice Using Coping Skills in Real Situations

ccal ccal

Problem-solving skills training                                                          Video examples of in vivo exposures

The Camp Cope-A-Lot program comes with a therapist manual, called the “Coach’s Manual,” that details how to implement the program with a child. The Camp Cope-A-Lot program also comes with a child workbook, called the “Go-To-Gadget.”  The Coach’s Manual and Go-To-Gadget are available separately or printable directly from the program.



The Camp Cope-A-Lot Program includes:


  Coach’s Manual
 User’s Manual for Therapist

Child’s Workbook


*Camp-Cope-A-Lot requires a CD ROM drive, mouse, speakers, and an internet connection.